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Welcome to the Science Department 

Department Vision:

  • To create an environment which encourages students and staff to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and positive ethos of the Academy and the communities it serves.
  • To provide facilities and technology that supports the learning environment.
  • Use a diverse and balanced curriculum to promote success achievable by all.
  • Staff to use conceptual learning that engages students in relevant activities that enable them to apply and communicate their knowledge.
  • Guiding pupils to solve problems in an independent and coherent manner.
  • To engage pupils in the use of various ICT formats that aid and develop independent learning.
  • To enthuse and motivate learners with an education that relates to current issues.
  • To enhance learners’ numeracy and literacy skills through a scientific context.
  • To use a range of diverse assessment techniques so that learners are aware of their strengths, weakness and progress, enabling teachers to focus on target areas in the curriculum.
  • To engage learners at a higher level to promote a position of lifelong learning using science and scientific processes.

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Listen to the Science Podcasts by Mr Gilbertson, Mr Kendrick and Mr Marsh here, or listen to the latest episode below.



The science department are setting homework on Educake this year. All homework is completed either online and you are provided with instant feedback on What Went Well and how to improve!

Students are advised to log on to Educake frequently to set their own tests for revision! 

If you need any help or support, contact Mr Marsh


Google VRMr Worrall using the Google VR Headsets



During lessons, students are rewarded for effort and attitude which is above that which is expected. For this, they get a number 1 on the register, and these numbers accumulate over the year towards rewards. At the end of each half-term there will be an update as to the number of 1's that students are receiving in Science.

Amazing Student Work


Abbie 2Abbie 1A fantastic piece of homework by Abigail O'Rourke in 8W1!! Amazing effort!!


Amazing Homework

 This is a fantastic example of Homework by Stephanie Day


Attendance and Achievement

Your school attendance is hugely important when it comes to your progress. The more you're in, the more you'll learn! If your attendance is below 96% then your progress is going to be significantly affected.

After each P2S cycle there will be a list here of students with 100% attendance who have achieved their MEG . Remember, excellent attendance has a positive impact on pupil progress!


The dates for the P2S Assessment Cycles are below:

P2S1: 9th - 19th October 2017

P2S2: 29th January - 9th February 2018

P2S3: 14th - 25th May 2018


Effective Revision

There is a section on my RM unify called Science Revision Materials. We have filled this full of PowerPoints, Podcasts, exam Questions and other materials to help you revise for your exam. just click here

Here is a list of useful revision websites:




There are past paper questions available for each course, just click on the link below for the course you are following:

Combined Science 

Separate Science - Biology

Separate Science - Chemistry

Separate Science - Physics

There are also Year 11 Revision sessions on a Wednesday Week A and Monday Week B for Combined and Separate Science and Thursday Week A for Separate Science only.

Revision guides are available from Mrs Eccles. £10 for Combined Science and £12 for Separate Science. See your science teacher for more information!



Schemes of Work

If you click the Schemes of Work title above, you will be taken to the Science page of the Learning Zone. Here you can access the schemes of work for each year group. The schemes of work will contain a Map showing what topic is being taught in a particular week, and/or a spreadsheet containing the content that is being taught in that topic.

If you or your son/daughter is off school you can use these schemes of work to find out which areas need to be caught up on. 

They are also extremely useful when revising for assessments, as you will be able to see the content that you or your son/daughter has covered previously so that the correct topics can be revised.

 If you are unsure which specification you are studying, please ask your science teacher. 

Extracurricular Activities

Stem Club 

Stem Club

Careers in Science

Click here for an insight into the types of careers which are opened up to you through studying Science.

Science in the News

Below you will find various links to websites promoting science in the news:

BBC News - Science

The Day - Science

New Scientist

Science Daily


Between each P2S cycle, there will be intervention in place for students who aren't acheiving their MEG. For more information on this, please contact Mr Marsh or Mr Swift.