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Artsmark Gold Award

We are thrilled to announce that Halewood Academy has been awarded the Artsmark Gold Award in recognition of the school's excellence in arts and cultural provision.  Here are some quotes from the Validation Report;

"Your students gave impassioned and, in some cases, highly personal and moving accounts of how the arts had impact on self-confidence. The students were able to link how an involvement with arts activity
had a telling impact on their social and emotional learning. They cited the way in which the Performing Arts leaders encouraged resilience as well as impact on behaviour of working with outside arts organisations. This is a very strong feature."

Leadership & Consultation - "This was an outstanding aspect of the Academy. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in organising dance festivals, directing theatre productions and in setting up gallery spaces. This approach has been present within the Academy over a number of years. There are Dance Leaders within the school. You also have Arts Leaders with specific responsibility for liaising with the teachers and managers at the school. It struck me during my conversations with the students that they would be powerful and persuasive ambassadors and champions of the arts at local, regional and national conferences and one recommendation is to consider how you might make this a possibility."

The final comment - "The arts vision at Halewood Academy is clear and embraces all the key art forms. It is inclusive and caters for all levels of ability and need. The bespoke systems that you have in place for monitoring quality and provision are very impressive in terms of both detail and in the ways in which the needs of all students are met through the procedures that you have in place. Arts strategies and conventions are used to further understand in non-arts subjects and to engage a deeper understanding of other cultures. An outstanding feature was the way in which the arts make an impact on self-esteem, self-confidence and other social and emotional impact. You also nurture talent in highly effective ways, particularly with regard to signposting students to opportunities within and outside the Academy. You celebrate achievement. Sharing with the community is significant and meaningful. The ways that you encourage arts leadership amongst your student is outstanding. Your partnership working with arts organisations and arts practitioners brings many mutual benefits; you have built up an extensive range of partnerships. Your work in supporting other schools and artists within the community is valued. There is a strong programme of CPD in place and the Performing Arts Team are seen as models for encouraging independent leaning by the management of the Academy.  I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Artsmark Gold."

You can read the full report HERE


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