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Student Leadership

Halewood Academy students have been taking part in Student Council elections this week.  Students in each form have been giving speeches before a vote to decide who will represent the forms on our Student Council.  Results will be announced each morning in Assembly from Tuesday 23 September.  The Student Council will sit for the first time next Monday where they will listen to the Principal, Mr Evans, outline the school's plans to extend Student Leadership at Halewood Academy.   

A central part of these plans is the introduction of a new Prefect system.  Staff nominations for Year 10 & Year 11 prefects opened today.  Next week will see the first Halewood Prefect elections.  Soon after Year 11 students will be able to stand in our Head Girl and Head Boy elections - voted for by all students and staff.

Sixth Form students can also apply to be Prefects - a short written application is required explaining why they should be considered.  Results will be available next week!

There are even more plans for Student Leadership at Halewood.  Watch this space for details!

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