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6th Form

At Halewood Sixth Form, there is a dedicated team of specialist staff and personal tutors who provide support and guidance to all students. During your time here, the Sixth Form Team will be available to advise, support and listen to your concerns. You can get advice on financial matters, academic support, university and careers guidance and personal issues, all of which may be affecting your studies.

The team

Mrs J Gallagher - Senior Leader for Key Stage 5

Miss G Walsh - Head of 6th Form

Miss L Ainsworth Post 16 Administrator

In addition to this support, you will have a personal tutor who is primarily concerned with your welfare and academic progress. It is vital that as you progress through your Sixth Form courses, you set yourself short and long term goals. During the course of the academic year, your tutor will work closely with you to develop a programme of study based on your achievements at Key Stage 4 and long-term aspirations.


Your Sixth Form teachers are the most important resource for your success and we pride ourselves on the teaching you will receive. Your teachers will help you to develop the skills necessary to make a success of your time at Halewood.

Parental Contact

As a Sixth Form student the onus is on you to be responsible for your own learning. However, we feel your parents/carers are key to your success and so encourage an open flow of communication between parents and staff at Halewood Academy Centre for Learning. Your parents/carers will receive regular progress and attendance information and a full written report along with data information three times during each academic year. We will also contact them in the event of any issues/problems with your performance. 
Parents Evenings are a vital part of our communications system between the Sixth Form and your parents/carers. It is at these events where parents can find out the details of how well you are achieving at Halewood Academy Sixth Form and also where we can discuss targets for the future.

Guest Speakers

Throughout your studies you will have the chance to hear a variety of guest speakers both in school time and after hours from local, regional and national universities. A programme of speakers is arranged as part of PSHE studies from healthcare organisations, employment initiatives and financial companies.

Employment opportunities

Students are employed by the Academy to run lunchtime computer clubs and monitor the use of laptops in the different departments. Students apply at the end of year 12 and are interviewed. Students gain valuable skills and are able to have financial support during their studies.

Getting the best results

  • We believe that students who show commitment and enthusiasm are rewarded with examination success.
  • We will help you to design a programme of study to suit your interests, abilities and ambitions. We will help set, monitor and achieve your targets.
  • This monitoring takes place three times during each year and your grades are discussed on a one to one basis with your subject teachers.
  • Progress Grades are issued to parents/carers during the year and discussed formally at parents evening. If you are underachieving supportive strategies will be put in place to help raise your attainment.
  • Each A2 subject has 5 hours of teaching time per week.
  • We expect for every one hour lesson another hour must be spent on private study.
  • Our expectations are for you to take responsibility for your own work and become independent learners, preparing you for university or work.
  • You are expected to plan your time for homework, coursework, private study and social activities.
  • You will be supported during your time in Sixth Form so that you can achieve your potential.

Financial support

16-19 Bursary Fund
“The 16-19 Bursary Fund is a scheme intended to help the most vulnerable 16-19 year olds in full-time education. The scheme is made up of two parts: a payment of £1,200 to the most vulnerable young people; and a discretionary fund.”

Please contact the Sixth Form office for further details and an application form.