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Presentation Agreement

  Halewood Presentation Agreement

Student expectations


  • The front of students’ books or folders will have their forename, surname, teacher’s name and subject on the front.

  • Classwork will be written in blue or black ink.

  • Classwork will be dated and the title and ‘classwork’ will be written at the start of every lesson.

  • All titles will be underlined with a pencil and ruler.

  • All homework should have ‘homework’ written as a title and underlined with a pencil and ruler.

  • Year 10 and Year 11 students are expected to complete at least one full page of work in their exercise books every lesson.

  • Worksheets will be glued into books the lesson they are given to students and homework sheets will be glued in the very next lesson.

  • Years 7-9 are expected to complete at least three quarters of a page of written work in their exercise books every lesson.

  • Mistakes must be crossed out by a single line using a pencil and ruler. Scribbling out shows lack of pride in students’ work.

  • Graffiti or unnecessary drawings should not be seen anywhere in students’ books, including the cover.

  • All responses (EBIs) will be completed the lesson after students’ books have been marked in a different colour (blue or black) than the classwork.

  • A dictionary will be used (there are twelve in every classroom) to correct any spelling mistakes that the teacher has highlighted with ‘Sp’. Corrections to punctuation and/or grammar mistakes will also be addressed.


If your work does not meet these expectations you will be asked to complete it again in a resolution with your class teacher.


Staff expectations


  • Students’ books will be marked in line with school policy.

  • Literacy errors and misconceptions will be addressed in writing.

  • Students will receive constructive feedback regarding how to get to the next level (EBI) in line with school policy.

  • Students’ books will be skimmed to ensure spellings, errors and student responses (EBIs) have all been completed.

  • Staff will ensure students’ work meets the expectations. Staff will set a resolution for those students who have not met the expectations of the presentation policy. These students will be required to complete the work again to a standard that meets the presentation policy expectations.

  • For students with learning difficulties, seek advice from the SENCo and possibly set a smaller target of completing one paragraph again or seek extra support for them via the SENCo.