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VIVO Miles

Vivo Miles is an online system to reward students.  All students will be rewarded using the Academy’s set criteria.  


Automatic attendance - If you achieve 100% attendance each week you will gain 20 Vivos!


Staff will log onto the Vivo app or website and will instantly be able to reward students.  This can happen throughout the school day.  Teachers can reward students for a range of reasons as explained on the Vivo Rewards criteria.


Students will have their own personal rewards account, allowing them to check their points balance online or on their phone.  They can check and redeem their Vivo in the online shop.  Incentives will be put in place such as; double Vivo day and Gold recognition.  The catalogue stock is chosen by students so you can use your Vivo Miles for sports equipment, games and ticket discounts to name just a few.

Parents / Carers

Parents & Carers are kept in the loop about their child’s progress and can add their own rewards.  With a personal log in, they can track achievements and see why teachers have rewarded them.  Alerts and notifications can be set up directly to their phone using the phone app.

To see how we reward our students please click HERE