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Extra Curriculum Activities and Qualifications

High attaining students are supported in all Faculties and areas of college life.  It is important that students engage fully with opportunities to extend their learning.  Within subject areas these extra curricular activities currently include:

PE -  Trampolining, AQA leadership qualifications, Knowsley School Boys and a wide range of team sports

Geography/ Sociology – GCSE Intervention and High Attaining Year 9 intervention

Science –  STEM Club

Technology - Extra sessions for food

History – A/A* Revision for Year 11 

English –  Knowsley writing competition, student newsletter, HAT peer mentoring (Yrs 7 & Yrs 10), Anthology.

MFL – Homework support

Performing Arts – RLPO Concerts, Pantomime, Variety Show, Dance/ Drama festival, choir, string group, John Moore's University workshops, Boys Dance Club, Music Theory Club, Pen Lessons, and the Shakespeare's School festival, 'Work Bard Play Bard' Liverpool Playhouse,KS3 Drama and Dance Club

Art – extra lessons available for KS4, any student can stay at lunch and HAT session for KS3


Other opportunities

In addition to subject specific opportunities high attaining students should aim to be involved in the some of the following enrichment activities to develop their leadership skills and other skills:

  • Participate in the Leadership Award with Miss Catteral 

  • Join the school council

  • Take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

  • Participate part in school drama productions

  • Attend High attaining trips and lectures at Universities

  • Be a student ambassador for the college representing a subject at special events

    e.g. Open Evenings and Parents evenings

  • Summer school for feeder primary schools

  • Visits by experts from different career areas to inspire our students.

  • Peer mentoring