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Identifying HAT Students

Although this is not an exhaustive list, typical characteristics of more high attaining and / or talented students to look out for include:

  • Demonstrate ability above and beyond their peers.

  • Is an independent thinker.

  • Is willing to listen to advice and develop work accordingly.

  • Confidence to undertake solving problems.

  • Displays flair, imagination and originality of thought and/or in writing and/or

    practical exploration that is exceptional for the age range including using abstract

    thinking skills.

  • Ability to communicate ideas effectively and concisely.

  • Ability to evaluate outcomes analytically and critically both showing the ability to

    develop argument in extended writing, verbally or through physical outcome.

  • The ability to read and respond to a wide variety of texts and stimuli.

  • Undertake independent research and reading.

  • Currently achieving consistently high level of assessments at A* or A grade

  • The ability to transfer knowledge and understanding between subject areas.

  • Currently achieving good or above in their effort levels with your subject area. 

Students do not have to meet all of these guidelines however, they should be able to tick most of them.