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Useful resources and websites

Other useful resources and websites

Books that may be of interest to parents/carers:

  • “How the Gifted Brain Learns” by David A Sousa

  • “Effectice Resources for Able and Talented Children” by Barry Teare

  • “Help Your Talented Child” by Barry Teare

  • “You’re Smarter Than You Think” by Thomas Armstrong

Some Useful websites

  • www.mensa.org.uk – lots of IQ tests and puzzles.

  • www.twicegifted.net – this provides information on children who are gifted in

    conjunction with disability.

  • www.extremeintellect.com – this is for everyone interested in the subjects of IQ

    intelligence, genius, memory and increasing knowledge.

  • www.hoagiesgifted.org – this is full of resources, articles, books and links.

  • www.iggy.net  - this is a social network designed to help gifted young people

    realise their full potential.  It gives members access to great educational resources

    and encourages them to work with top academics and other gifted young people

    around the world.

  • www.nace.co.uk - The National Association for Able Children in Education.  This

    specialises in supporting teachers in providing teaching and learning for able,

    gifted and talented pupils.