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This course is an option available to study in Years 9, 10 and 11.

The concepts that are studied in GCSE Business are relevant to everyone. Whatever path a student takes after their GCSEs they will need to draw on many of the skills and concepts in this syllabus. Whether it is managing your own finances or preparing for a job interview, this subject will give you an insight into how the world works. It is a fascinating subject that changes constantly with key aspects clearly visible in the real world. The subject is taught in an interactive way with students experiencing what it is like to run a business, manage people and make tough decisions. You will also get the opportunity to go and see how multi-million pound businesses operate as part of the course and hear from a range of business experts and speakers.

You will encounter a variety of teaching methods including case studies, role-plays and ICT alongside more traditional methods.  Students will be expected to immerse themselves in a business-like mindset and to pay attention to the world around them.  For example, students would be expected to take note of relevant news items, which may be used as a basis for discussion and class-work Using the internet for research purposes

  • Investigating e-commerce and its importance
  • Learning about ICT programmes that businesses use
  • Entering business and enterprise competitions
  • External visits/speakers, looking to see how real businesses work
  • Preparing business documents, reports & presentations

It's your future - prepare for it!

How will I be assessed?