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English News

World Book Night

Miss Sabatina has been selected as a WBN Giver for the past 2 years and is given 20 free books to hand out to students from any year.

Premier League Reading Stars

Targeted students are given the opportunity to participate in specific reading challenges related to football and have the chance to see famous footballers as reading role models as well as sports related stars.

Craig Bradley ‘That Poetry Bloke’

Craig came to speak to our top set Year 8 class and they really enjoyed his extremely humorous and enthusiastic approach to poetry. The session included: songs (with actions!) jokes and much more...

Year 7 Reading Club

This club runs after school and will be restarting again in September. This is an opportunity for students to read and talk about their favourite books and authors in the relaxed surroundings of the LRC. 

Reading lesson for Key Stage Three

Every student in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be entitled to a reading lesson in the LRC once every two weeks to enjoy the large range of fiction and nonfiction books available.

Book Buzz!

All Year 7 students are entitled to a free book from ‘Book Buzz.’. These will be presented students in the first term.

Revision Sessions

The department offer after school revision classes for Key Stage 4 and recently this has also been made available for Key Stage 3.

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