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Ethics & Philosophy

Department Vision:

To provide a structured education of the Ethics and Philosophy of Religion

  • To concentrate on three of the six main world religions and prejudice and discrimination at KS3.
  • To encourage students to develop an understanding of cultural diversity through knowledge, tolerance and insight.
  • To provide opportunities for Spiritual, Social, Ethical and Moral development.
  • To educate the future generation in empathy, awareness and non-judgemental attitudes to others in our multi-cultural society and to become fair and moral citizens.
  • To ensure students achieve their true potential, encouraging equal opportunities and community cohesion.
  • The curriculum at KS4 allows students to discuss, debate and question real life issues such as life after death, social justice, human rights, family and relationships, good / evil and suffering. They will learn and develop these skills whilst also becoming proficient at evaluation, critical analysis and extended writing.

Courses on offer:

KS3 Three of the six main world religions, develop and understanding of two biblical texts, analyse prejudice and discrimination.

KS4 GCSE (Full Course)

What will I study in Ethics & Philosophy?

Year 7

Throughout Year 7 as a student you will be taught the basic facts and explore three of the six main world religions. You will study the places of worship of three of the six main world religions, looking at artefacts and art. You will also study some of the main festivals celebrated by these religions and understand the fundamentals of their faith.

You will have the chance to compare and contrast the world we live in through religion, to stretch your knowledge of the multi -cultural society we live in and to develop your understanding of the world as a place that everyone can live together in.

Parents/carers can help to broaden their child’s mind by visiting both of our incredible cathedrals.  This will help them to understand the denominations within Christianity.

Year 8

In Year 8 you will continue to explore various ethical and philosophical topics and develop your skills. The topics covered are:

Stories from the Old Testament—Moses and Noah (is it fact or fiction). Students will have the opportunity to develop their own understanding  and question  biblical text.

Prejudice and discrimination- including religion, gender, sexuality, colour and race and British values.

Students will have the opportunity to develop (cross curricular) their knowledge of Martin Luther King and Malcom X in relation to how their religious beliefs helped shape the course of history in relation to prejudice and discrimination. 

The Holocaust (cross curricular) - from a religious (Jewish) perspective.

Parents/Carers can help to broaden their child’s mind by visiting the Maritime Museum to experience how attitudes towards race has changed change.


Exam board EDUQAS 100% examination

The first part of their studies students will focus on Christianity and another of the world faiths. Focus will be on beliefs, teachings and practices of the two religions.

The second part is Philosophy and Ethics. Students will have the opportunity to debate and analyse issues such as Relationships (marriage, divorce, same sex relationships and the family), Life after Death (heaven, hell, purgatory and other religious beliefs about what happens when we die), Good, Evil and Suffering (why are there good and bad people, how people cope with suffering, is evil in our world brought about by the Devil), Human Rights and Social Justice (examine different faiths understanding on punishment of criminals, further develop their understanding of human rights from ks3).

Parents/Carers can help enhance their child’s outlook by discussing news items in relation to the topics.