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Geography charity football match!


By Karla Roberts
Year 10


On the 9th October 2015, two year 9 football teams played against each other in an aim to raise money for the Syria refugee crisis. Each boy paid 50p to take part.

Mr Kendrick was the referee, described as ‘biased’ by, ironically, the losing team.

Miss Varley led the team of Chernobyl and Mrs Reynolds led the team of Hiroshima.

During the first half, whilst Hiroshima were losing miserably by a massive six goals, their supportive manager, Mrs Reynolds, shouted words of encouragement to her disheartened team.

Half time eventually came round and the score was a disappointing 8-0 to Chernobyl.

After fairy cakes and refreshments, team Chernobyl leaped back into action with bounds of energy and confidence, whilst team Hiroshima, painfully played on with words of ‘pull yourselves together’ echoing in their minds.

At the side-lines, Mrs Reynolds shouted ‘There is no ‘I’ in team,’ but received a blunt response after one child returned her comment as ‘however there is me.’ Clearly feeling more confident than his teammates despite being a part of the losing side.

Three more goals rolled easily into the net for Chernobyl, taking the score up to a shocking 11-0, however the long awaited moment finally came for Hiroshima when an excited player saw his chance to redeem his team and launched the ball into the back of the net, boosting the confidence of his tiresome teammates and taking the score up to 11-1.

Towards the end of the long, painful match, the players on team Hiroshima, began to ‘drop like flies’ as one person described.

Finally, the last goal was shot from the tip of Ben Ellis’s foot, travelling from one goal into another, making the final score a phenomenal 12-1

With only a couple of minutes left, Mr Kendrick shouted to Chernobyl, ‘come on give them a chance, you’re winning 12-1.’ Clearly proving that he is in fact a fairly biased referee.

Hiroshima walked off the pitch angry and frustrated with their socking performance, whilst Miss Varley and her players cheered in excitement at their outstanding achievement.

Despite the score and feelings of all players on both teams, we would like to say a massive congratulations to the boys for giving up their time for a great cause that will be greatly appreciated by thousands across the globe.


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