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Performing Arts Gallery

 Workbard, Playbard- Liverpool Everyman 

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Work Bard, Play Bard at Liverpool Everyman performed by Year 10 GCSE Drama class 

Dance Rewards Trips 

pokjbhpoibhjvoijhbobn9uogvbipougvYear 8 Dance Trip.

ucgftgybhnpokjnbpokjnbpoijhboigvbpohjgbvSome of our dancers performing at. 

Primary School Liaison 



Our Dance Teacher Mrs Andrews running a Dance Workshop at St Marks Primary School. 

1110987654321Dance Teachers Miss Walsh and Miss Cowley delivering a session on Space at Sylvester Primary School.


Move it 2016


Pantomime Rewards Trip to the Epstein Theatre


Shakespeare Schools Festival 2015

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Year 7 Drama Club




Thank you to Mr Watts and Oliver Peters for all your help and support. 

Variety Show