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Physical Education

The Department Vision

To develop physical competence effectively and safely, thus maximising individual potential.

To develop positive attitudes, promoting interpersonal skills and encouraging fair play, good sporting behaviour and honest competition.

To gain an understanding of the structure and functioning of the body and the need to pursue an active lifestyle, maintaining physical education.

To pursue, when appropriate, the academic study of physical education.

To promote physical development, team spirit, self-esteem and leadership qualities through participation in school teams.

To develop links with external agencies to offer extended sporting opportunities.

To develop links with local schools and the community.

What will I study in P.E at KS3?

The study of PE within the national curriculum includes activities that promote a wide range of sporting skills and experiences.

At Halewood Academy all students have 2 hours a week of Physical Education. You will also have the opportunity to further develop your skills and experience in extra-curricular time during lunch time and after school.

Activities covered include; Netball, Trampolining, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Athletics, Basketball. We enter numerous inter school competitions in the majority of these sports.

During key stage 3 PE you will experience the chance to compete against your personal best and other people, develop your skills, be creative, solve problems and improve your personal fitness level. You should know what a healthy, active lifestyle is and how to achieve it. You will experience different ways to be involved in sport such as being a performer, coach, referee and leader.

In assessing your performance in PE we use levels 1 to 8. Your performance will be assessed for every sport you do and you will also be tested in your theoretical knowledge gained during the lessons in a regular written testing.

What are my options at KS4?

EDEXCEL exam board GCSE P.E which includes 70% theory work and 30% practical work.

Cambridge National level 1/2 Sport Science which is mainly a coursework based qualification.

AQA Unit Awards in Sport at KS4