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Brilliant Club

This term 12 Year 10 students will be taking part in the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme.

The Scholars Programme is delivered by a PhD Tutor and involves two trips to universities and four in-school tutorials. The first trip is Thursday 5th October and all 12 students will be visiting Lancaster University. The in-school tutorials take place during the school day and last for one hour each. Pupils finish the course by producing an assignment which is marked using criteria from the Key Stage above their current level then they have a graduation ceremony.

Taking part in this programme is a fantastic opportunity for our students.  Last year, Halewood Academy was involved for the first time and the students who participated made great progress across many subjects.  The Brilliant Club was also mentioned in our Good Ofsted report citing it as an example of the Academy providing excellent opportunities for able students.  

We wish the Class of 2017/18 the best of luck as they enter University life!

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