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Awards Evening 2018

Students, staff and hundreds of parents celebrated the successes of more than 170 award winners at our annual Awards Evening.  We were delighted that so many of last year's Year 11 joined us on the evening as well as Sue Brett, former Head of PE at Halewood who was our Special Guest.  Head Girl and Head Boy, Katy Allen and Elliot France both gave extremely impressive speeches and for the first time ever, Cian Ryan & Sehar Waseem from our Junior Leadership Team, presented the Staff Awards. There were also great performances on the evening from Cian Ryan, Reece Brown and Matthew Jennings. 

The Principal, Mr Evans, gave an emotional address as he explained the reasons for him choosing the winners of the Megan Hurley Outstanding Achievement Award - Mrs Thomas and Mrs Anderson were deserved winners for their incredible work with last year's Year 11, Megan's year group.  Jo, Mike and Bradley Hurley were there to congratulate Carol and Jacqui.  The Year 11 Student of the Year Award went to Stephanie Day who left Halewood with 6 Grade 9 GCSES along with another 3 at Grade 8.

IMG 0264                                                                           Stephanie Day with Carol Thomas & Jacqui Anderson with their awards

Staff Awards 2018

This year, for the first time, students and parents were able to nominate staff for three Staff Awards.  After over 300 votes the shortlisted candidates were;

Teacher of the Year - Miss Henry, Mr Mackenzie & Mrs Tamm

Support Staff Member of the year - Mr Bailey, Mr Manley & Mr Stevenson

Unsung Hero - Miss Ambrose, Miss Catterall & Mrs J Dowling

The winners, announced on the night, were Mrs Tamm, Mr Stevenson and Mrs Dowling.  You can watch the video that was produced by students for the evening HERE

IMG 0349

Award Winners 2018

 YEAR 7 v2

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