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Educate Award Winners!

Halewood Academy was awarded the Innovative and Creative Literacy Award at this year's prestigious Educate Awards ceremony.  Mr Evans, Miss Archer and Miss Stafford were there to represent the school and were delighted to walk up the red carpet to receive the award.  Mr Evans, speaking about the award, said, "The work that Miss Archer did on the Pride and Promises anthology was worthy of an award - it was a piece of work that brought staff and students together.  Last year, she came up with the idea of publishing an anthology of poems based around the Halewood Pride and Promises theme.  I did not need to be persuaded to give the go ahead as everything about it made sense.  Knowing how much our English staff were doing in terms of promoting the love of reading and writing I knew our students, and lots of staff too, would get involved.  I, myself, submitted a poem and I am extremely proud to be a published poet!  I can't imagine how that feels for a student in Year 8 for example!  Working with Amazon, who published the book, Miss Archer spent a massive amount of time on the project which culminated not just in a published anthology but also a launch event where lots of students read out their poetry to invited guests. The fact that the students involved chose the charity Mermaids UK, a charity which provides support to students experiencing issues with their gender identity, to benefit speaks volumes about Halewood students too."

EA Winner 2018 BLACK

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