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Farewell Mrs Brett!

At the end of the Spring Term on Thursday 29th March, Halewood Academy will say a sad farewell to Head of PE, Mrs Brett, who will begin her retirement.  Sue has worked at the school for 33 years and has helped to make the PE department a highly successful team.  Sue has made a massive difference to the lives of hundreds of students, past and present, and is a central figure in the 'Halewood family'.  On the school's Facebook page former students have been sharing their memories of Sue. Here are a few of our favourites!

Bekki Ormandy - Mrs Brett is never old enough to retire, not even early!! ????
Wonderful teacher and an amazing lady. Always had the time to help with anything that she could.
Enjoy a well deserved retirement Mrs B!

Andrea Rodgers -  Wonderful teacher loved her lessons.. Happy retirement Mrs Brett xx

Louise Kelly - My favourite teacher of all time and I’ve have been privileged to meet up with her again. If Carlsberg did teachers!!!!!xxx

Maxine Hannah - Mrs Brett what an amazing teacher ...my form tutor for 4 years helped me soo so much when my mum died i cudnt thank her enough. Thankyou mrs brett enjoy your retirement u totts deserve it .....byeeee xxxxx

Kelly Doyle - Such an amazing teacher loved all our classes so much and our netball team! Enjoy your early retirement ❤️xxx

Becky Cornfoot - Netball competition queen!! Such a lovely teacher too.????xxx

Amanda Jackson - Wow!!! Mrs Brett..... Although, it was Miss Gavin back in the day when she taught me P.E - under the mighty reign of Mrs Gianasi. Absolutely lovely lady and a wonderful teacher.  The power of Facebook has given me the opportunity to say THANK YOU Mrs Brett. - for your guidance, patience and commitment to the youth of Halewood over the past 30+ years...... Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it ❤️ xx

Kim Mather - I loved netball x Mrs Brett was a excellent teacher x good luck in your retirement xx

We wish Sue the best of luck for her retirement.  May it be a long, happy and relaxing one!  Good luck Sue! xxx

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