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Hegarty Maths

Halewood Academy students have recently been given free access to one of the most successful online Maths tutorial sites - Hegarty Maths.  Students have been provided with log in details and can access this from any device able to connect to the internet.  ALL students can go to our daily after school 'Hegarty Half Hour' sessions on Homebase 1.  Staff can monitor the progress students make each week and early signs are that this is really helping students to get a better understanding in areas that they sometimes find difficult.  The first Hegarty 'Champions' who have put in the most hours in the last week are; Year 7 - Elizabeth Pierce Year 8 - Joseph Spencer Year 9 - Samantha Soden-Barton Year 10 - Alex Luu Year 11 - Faith Jones.  Well done to all of them!  You can log on to Hegarty Maths through their website at https://hegartymaths.com/

There is a useful booklet for parents and students HERE

The Hegarty Maths Youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/HEGARTYMATHS/videos

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