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Trip to Krakow

Halewood Academy recently took 50 pupils to Krakow for a historical visit to the city and Auschwitz. The pupils were amazing throughout and their behaviour was impeccable, as was commented on by multiple people during our 3 days. During the 3 day trip, the pupils broadened their understanding of the Holocaust and how it had wider impacts on the world.
I would like to personally thank the staff who joined me on the visit; Mr Ellis, Miss Richardson, Miss Allen and Mrs Murphy. As well as the support from Mr Evans and Mrs Bain during the visit. Additionally, I would like to thank each and every pupil who joined me and gave me the opportunity to broaden their education on something that is a real passion of mine. All 50 of the pupils know how passionate about Holocaust education I am, and I would like to thank them for fully engaging in all of the tours, discussions and questions. There was a long and tiring period of pre-planning prior to the visit. However, the three days made each and every second of that time worth it.
During the visit, one of our pupils fell ill in Krakow. Thanks to the quick response of her friends, Olivia and Abigail, as well as the response of all of the staff, Grace was able to receive the medical attention she needed immediately. 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all students and staff who took part in the trip! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
Following the trip, Year 11 students, Cian Ryan and Toby Redmond, produced this amazing film - I would urge you to watch! - https://youtu.be/wl-YqN1rzAw
You can also see our photo gallery HERE
Mr Adam Gilbert
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