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Young Writers' Success

We are delighted to announce that six Halewood Academy students have been chosen as winners in a national writing competition. Six members of the school’s Creative Writing Club entered the competition, run by Young Writers. The competition asked students across the UK to produce short stories of exactly 100 words, inspired by science fiction and gothic literature. Despite 11,000 entries from schools across the country, all six of our students have been chosen for publication. Congratulations to Zack Parnell, Holly Harding, Callum Klausen-Jones, Samantha Soden-Barton, Joseph Wakefield and Rose Hodge.  The book, called ‘Stranger Sagas: Manchester and Merseyside’ will be published at the end of this year, and copies will be available in the school's Learning Resource Centre.

You can read all six stories below;

The Countdown

"Tell me everything you know, child," he bellowed at me.  Holding the gun to my temple, knowing it would be a knockout from one shot. My lips quivered from the cold but I managed to splutter out nothing. That's when he pushed it closer... My heart was racing and my mind was lost, contemplating ways I could escape. He asked me again and could tell he was getting annoyed so I told him everything.  It was too late, he didn't want to hear it. I struggled with all the energy I had left to use. A countdown began. Five...

Zack Parnell (12)

The Guilt Won't Last

"You can only save one," the voices said as their cold words crawled up my spine.  "Why? They're my friends, both of them!"  "Because, it's either one dies or you all die! Now choose!"  The words continued to echo throughout the dark abyss.  How could I choose between two people I grew up with and developed with? I looked at their faces and tried to come up with an answer, however it was impossible.  "Time's up! Your answer?"  "I... I um..."  "Then this is your doing! Do not fret however, for the guilt shall not be on your conscience for very long!"

Holly Harding (13)

Walking In The Dark

My torch flickered and went out... I needed the answers to the dark, twisted, miserable questions that possessed my mind. On the topic of possession, how many times have you actually encountered a ghost or a demon? Hopefully, you answer never in your entire lifetime. I'm sorry to tell you but I can't answer the same, as I have... thirteen times.  They all started with the encounter with the black-eyed girl that stood in a stained gown in the long, dark hallway that led to my basement. My huge mistake was that I went to see why...

Joseph Wakefield (11)


Don't go into the woods, they told me. If only I had listened, they wouldn't have disappeared. I wouldn't be all alone in this world for the rest of eternity. All I saw was the endless darkness with haunting memories of what I did. My own sanity was what killed me. Why did I always have to be so logical about everything that happened in the world? If I had just been more normal and illogical like the others, I wouldn't have gone to go test out the rumour. It was all true. Now I am trapped in my mind.

Rose Hodge (13)

Arexios and the Bearachor

"Tell me everything you know, child," spoke a hooded man, wearing a shroud and armour with a box on his back. He had a sword strapped to his waist, he also carried a broken spear, only about sixty centimetres long.  "A monster, a b-b-bear, huge, it killed most of my village," stuttered a young child.  "I will slay this beast," spoke a confident mercenary who helped the people of these islands.  He ran through the woods, mist closing in as the wind whistled through the trees. There was a trail of bloody bodies, then a large, bear-like shadow emerged.

Callum Klausen-Jones (11)

The Prime Suspect

Today I hired someone to solve my murder. I have known about this for weeks. The one person who I thought I could trust to keep my secrets will soon betray me. I tried desperately to find a motive. I can't. I won't. It's over now.  Everything is going to come to an end. I won't be known, heard of or spoken about again. They are turning on me.  Slowly, gradually, irreversibly, it's about to happen and there is no turning back. I can feel the tension building, the adrenaline building. They are getting closer. The voices inside my head.

Samantha Soden-Barton (12)

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