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KS4 Subject Carousel

IMG 0387KS4 Subject Carousel

During the academic year, we provide parents/carers and students the opportunity to speak to different subject areas their son/daughter studies to gain knowledge of the subject specifications; speak one to one with staff and gain resources/handouts. The event also provides an opportunity for year 8 parents/carers to gain more knowledge of GCSE subjects and discuss some options with teachers. During the evening, parents/carers can purchase revision guides and gain revision advice and tips via websites/apps so they can support their child further at home. Careers advice is also on hand in addition to advice on further education, apprenticeships and careers options. There are opportunities to speak to HAT and SEND staff to discuss the additional provisions available at the Academy and how support can be provided at the Academy.

The next KS4 Subject Carousel will be in October 2019. We hope to see you there! 

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