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LPPA Award

LPPA Award

At Halewood we have been working hard to engage with parents/carers, as we believe the more a parent is involved in their child's education, the better the prospects are for future success.  Parent partnership has increased year on year between parents, carers, students and the school. At Halewood Academy, we believe we are at the stage where we can work towards achieving an accredited LPPA Award as recognition for all our efforts. The award is a long process and will take time to work towards. However, in order for us to do so and to continually improve the parent partnership provision, we have continuously ask parents/carers for feedback over the last two academic years on ways that we can improve our partnerships further. We would like to thank all parents/carers who completed those evaluations to support the Academy in reflecting upon its current partnerships and to support it in its future developments.

Thank you for your support!

In July 2019, there will be review of all the parent partnership work that has taken place at Halewood Academy over the past two academic years alongside parent, carers and the community, to access our current position towards achieving the LPPA award accreditation.

More information will be available soon!