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Parent Classes

Parent Classes

During the last academic term, the Academy held free parent classes in mental health, supporting your child with Dyslexia and ASD/ADHD, Transition support, Numeracy, revision support and Taster sessions in Spanish.

 Parent Classes

The parents/who attended the events felt they were extremely beneficial to enhance their own learning and to support them to help their child. The most popular class this academic year was the transition support class, this maybe due to the large number of year 7 students attending the Academy in September 2019! The feedback from the parents/carers during this class was positive, with comments on how well the event was organised and that parents/carers really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and concerns before the new academic year in September. Some Year 6 parents/carers have requested another opportunity to meet the progress and assistant progress leader before September 2019. From this feedback, the Induction evening has been organised for Wednesday 3rd July from 3.30pm. There are three time sessions available for parents/carers and Year 6 students to attend. Please attend one session only.


Session 1 STARTS at 3.30pm – 4.15pm on 3rd July.

Session 2 STARTS at 4.45pm-5.30pm

Sessions 3 STARTS at 6.00pm-6.45pm



 The attendance to some of the other parent classes has been low and feedback from parents/carers who attended the classes has been positive however, parents/carers who attended felt the classes could be advertised more in advanced and through all media platforms. They also suggested later times for the classes. From this feedback, we will ensure the parent classes are advertised on all media platforms including the newsletter, parent emails and an attachment on the website to request a class. Some staff have also agreed to support later timed parent classes.

Term 1 for September 2019 parent class timetable is currently under construction. More information will be available soon! However, if you would like to get involved with a parent class, please click the link below.


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