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Pastoral Care

Halewood Academy takes great pride in its Pastoral care.  Each year group is led by a non-teaching Progress Team - both the Progress Leader and Progress Assistant are non teachers so they are available at all times in the school day.  This is extremely important as it allows each team the time they need to look after their year group.

A calm, orderly environment is essential if students are to learn effectively. The staff recognise the need to provide students with a set of simple rules and code of conduct which enables staff and students to make the most effective use of their time. Furthermore, staff improve students’ behaviour for learning by ensuring that lesson content consistently motivates students and by ensuring all students have enough opportunities to learn independently and in groups.

Within the climate of inclusion there will be students who need a more personalised approach to their specific behavioural needs. This may well mean that the normal sanctions, stages of referral and rewards are not the most appropriate means of dealing with their behaviour. In such cases, other programmes of intervention and support may well be used in conjunction with external agencies and work based learning providers. Consultation, communication and collaboration with other agencies are fundamental to promoting good behaviour.


  •       To establish a set of simple rules and code of conduct which are clearly understood by all staff, parents/carers and students.
  •       To maintain, encourage and promote good behaviour wherever possible.
  •       To develop a firm and consistent approach across the Academy.
  •       To provide clear and consistent sanctions which are understood by students, parents/carers and staff.
  •       To provide supportive structures for students who are displaying negative behavioural characteristics.
  •       To provide flexible curriculum structures and strategies which enables students to cope in the school environment.
  •       To work within a multi-agency approach to meet the needs of all the students.
  •       To effectively involve students through discussion in PSHE and other forums about the need for clear rules and expectations, both of staff and students.
  •       To involve parents/carers in the early stages of the Behaviour Pathways.

Promoting Good Behaviour & A Positive Environment

Perhaps most important of all is the day to day climate and ethos of the Academy. The Academy’s ethos ‘We Seek The Best’ is maintained through

  •       A positive climate that promotes reward and praise rather than sanctions
  •       The support that staff give to students and to each other
  •       Examples set by staff in displaying good relationships and communication with students
  •       A colourful, inspiring and modern environment in and around the Academy
  •       A heightened sense of community cohesion, where students are ambassadors for the Academy
  •       Interesting and well-planned lessons that cater for individual needs

An integral part of the behaviour policy is to encourage a positive learning environment where students are rewarded for their efforts. 


At Halewood Academy staff are committed to providing a caring, friendly safe environment as reflected in the mission statement, “Quality, opportunity and success for all”.

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. If bullying does occur, all students should be able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. The centre is a TELLING environment, which means anyone who believes bullying is happening is expected to tell staff. The form tutor is the first point of contact to provide invaluable back up in supporting victims and in helping to resolve issues.

What is Bullying?

Bullying can be defined as any repeated words or actions, which are aimed at causing someone to feel frightened, miserable and helpless.

Bullying is

  • deliberately hurtful
  • repeated over a period of time
  • difficult for victims to defend themselves against

If you are concerned that your child is being bullied then

  • Talk calmly to your child
  • Make a note of what is said – who involved, Where? When? What? happened, who else was there and the frequency
  • Reassure that telling was the right thing to do
  • Explain any further incidents must be reported to a teacher
  • Make an appointment to see the Form Tutor
  • When talking to teachers, keep calm. Remember this may be the first the teacher has heard of the problem
  • Be specific and use your notes
  • Make a note of the proposed action
  • Ask for help, support strategies to use at home
  • Keep in touch – let staff know about improvements as well as continuing problems
  • Feel confident that the staff will deal with any bullying issues in a fair and reasonable way


Halewood Academy is strongly opposed to racism and condemns all racist attitudes, either through comment or conduct. The staff expect that parents/carers and students think it right to adopt a similar attitude and provide support for the Academy and its anti-racist policies. Racist behaviour may be defined as: “…..any hostile or offensive act or incitement by a person of one racial and ethnic origin against a person of another racial group or ethnic origin.” (Commission for Racial Equality)


Halewood Academy is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for every child in the centre.

The Academy upholds every child’s right to the care and protection that promotes his/her human growth and sense of personal warmth and dignity. Staff aim to provide a place where children feel confident to talk openly and be sure of being listened to. Parents/carers will always be informed of concerns unless staff are certain that the safety of the young person will be prejudiced by their so doing. Parents/carers are made aware that the Academy will take reasonable action to ensure the safety of its young people. In cases where the Academy has reason to be concerned that young person may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, staff will follow Knowsley Area Child Protection Committee procedures and inform Social Services of their concern.

For child protection issues, your contacts at Halewood Academy are:

Julie Bain - Assistant Principal
Child Protection Co-ordinator

Fran Campbell-Senior Learning Mentor 
Assistant Child Protection Co-ordinator

Mrs R Smith 
School Governor for Child Protection