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Marking & Feedback

Marking & Feedback Expectations

At Halewood Academy marking has two purposes;

  1. Students respond to feedback from their teacher and this helps them to make progress over time.
  2. It informs future planning and teaching.

Both verbal and written feedback is used to provide a dialogue between teachers and students. Students must respond to feedback from their teachers which will be evidenced as an even better if comment (EBI).  It is vital that teachers give students the time to reflect and respond in order to improve their work and therefore make better progress. Student responses should be addressed the same week as their book is marked in order that a clear association is made between the work they have completed and how to progress further.

Literacy will also be marked and pupils will correct this in their student response time .  Staff use the following codes.





You have made a spelling mistake. If your teacher put this symbol next to a word, then you should use a dictionary to find out how it should look and then correct the spelling by writing it out correctly at the side of the original mistake.


A capital letter is needed. The name or a person, place and start of a sentence or when you are writing about yourself. ‘Liverpool’ ‘Samantha’ ‘Spain’ ‘We carried out the experiment’ ‘I am fifteen years old’. If you see this symbol – correct it on your work.


Paragraph break. You need to break your writing into separate paragraphs to show separate ideas. 


Missing punctuation. You may need to add brackets [  ] a comma, semi colon; colon: exclamation mark! question mark? full stop. “speech marks” or ellipsis… 


Grammatical error. You may need to check your work for errors in your grammar. Check things like ‘I was’ not ‘I were’ and ‘We were’ not ‘we was’. Ask your teacher for help if you are unsure. 


All staff and students follow the presentation policy so work and marking expectations are transparent.

Presentation Policy

What teachers expect from you: 

1.The front of your book or folder is to have: forename, surname, teacher’s name and subject.
2.Classwork is to be written in blue or black ink.
3.Classwork is to be dated and the title and ‘classwork’ will be written at the start of every lesson.
4.Your titles will be underlined with a pencil and ruler.
5.Your homework should have ‘homework’ written as a title and underlined with a pencil and ruler.
6.In years 9, 10 & 11 you are expected to complete at least one full page of work in your exercise book every lesson.
7.In years 7 & 8 you are expected to complete at least three quarters of a page of work in your exercise book every lesson.
8.Glue worksheets into your book the lesson that they are given to you.
9.Cross out any mistakes with a single line using a pencil and ruler.
10.Not to graffiti or have unnecessary drawings anywhere in your book, including the cover.
11.Complete all EBIs the lesson after your book has been marked.
12.Use a dictionary to correct any spelling mistakes that your teacher has highlighted with ‘Sp’. Make sure you also correct any punctuation and/or grammar mistakes. 

 If your work does not meet these expectations, you will be asked to complete it again in a resolution meeting with your class teacher.

What you can expect from your teachers:

1.Your books to be marked regularly.
2.Literacy, numeracy and subject misconceptions will be addressed in writing.
3.You will receive constructive feedback (EBIs) which will help you to achieve the next grade.