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At Halewood Academy we believe that outstanding behaviour, attitude and class work should be acknowledged and rewarded with prizes, certificates, trips and reward stars.

Halewood Academy Rewards

The Academy’s vision “We Seek The Best”, and our school rewards are based around the five core values that underpin this vision. Pupils will be rewarded for:

Respect – demonstrating an outstanding attitude and behaviour for learning.

Aspiration –  outstanding attainment & aspiring attitudes that go above and beyond.

Collaboration – taking part in school events, volunteering and being part of a school team.

Excellence – obtaining a full row of core value signatures.

Resilience – attending school each day (even if pupils are not feeling 100%) and being on time each day.

Rewards System

Pupils will collect reward stars for each are described above and build up a ‘Reward Star Balance’. These can be ‘cashed in’ for various rewards throughout the year.

Available Rewards

The rewards are bespoke each year group (e.g. Year 11 will be linked to the school Prom) but they will all be based on 5 levels:

Level 1 – Basic rewards such as stationary.

Level 2 – Based around food e.g. toast or hot chocolate Friday.

Level 3 – Privileges such as queue jumps

Level 4 – Eligibility for mid year reward that will be free (if pupils have enough stars)

Level 5 - Eligibility for end of year reward that will be free (if pupils have enough stars)

Clarity for pupils

Form tutors will share the ‘Star Balance’ with pupils each week so pupils know what they have and what rewards they are eligible for.

Dual purpose system

Apart from rewarding pupils, the system is also set-up to help teach budgeting skills as they manage their own ‘Star Balance’.

Pupils will not be able to take every reward, they may choose to take more short term rewards or build up their ‘Star Balance’ for the bigger midyear/end of year rewards.

Additional Awards  

Other examples of rewards that pupils may also be awarded throughout the year are:

  • ‘VIP form’, which is given to the form with the best attendance each week.
  • Most 1s on the register each week (outstanding attitude & behaviour)