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Former Students

If you attended Halewood and would like to let us know what you have done since leaving us please complete our alumni form HERE!

Kelsey Horn

Year I left Halewood 2017

Subjects studied / Grades English language- 4 English literature- 5 Maths- 3 Art- B Business- C Triple Science- C

What I am doing now I am now in Riverside College studying level 3 in Media Makeup, this level is special effects and fashion work. I am qualified in level 2 Media makeup - while I was doing level 2 I competed in a in house competition and I came 2nd. I also competed in world skills and came 2nd at the semi-finals. After college I am planning on going to university to either do special effects or fashion/editorial makeup.

Lydia Prescott

Year I left Halewood 2018

Subjects studied / Grades Biology 5 Chemistry 5 Physics 4 History 6 English Language 5 English Literature 6 Spanish 6 Maths 4 Drama 8

Memories Spending every morning in Lesley's office annoying her and her swear jar. Having a lot of moody and stressful moments in Drama but it definitely paid off. Halewood Academy will forever be in my heart.????

What I am doing now Studying UAL Extended Diploma In Acting at LIPA


Chris Wagg

Year I left Halewood? 1998

Subjects I studied and Grades: Science Maths French D.D.F

Memories: My favorite teacher was Mrs Parsons, spending time in the library, breaktimes and Biology lessons.

What I am doing now? I own a building services business, previous employment includes Employment manager and Learning mentor at a local primary school.

Rebecca Ormandy

Year I left Halewood? 2011

Subjects I studied and Grades: A*: Dance, A: English Language, Food technology, C: French, Maths, Science (double), RE, Functional skills numberacy & literacy L2

Memories: Taking part in Dance festivals and performances

What I am doing now? I am now a fully qualified Optometric Clincal Assistant, and due to start management training.


Andrew Pennington

At GCSE I studied:

English - C  Maths - C  Science - C  P.E - B  ICT - B  History - A

I work in the Royal as a porter, I've been there since I left 6 form really at about 18 so it's been a good 4-5 years, I can't really say the job itself is the best paid job in the world but it pays me enough to get by and still get out an about on my adventures and I'd like to think I've been on a fair few of them since working there (Thailand coming up in December for 4 weeks as well). I do enjoy working there as I like the interaction I have with the patients, it's always a good feeling to think that I'm making a difference to the patient’s day, trying to make their stay as easy as possible as hospitals aren't the easiest of places to stay. It's never the same each day and some of the goings on there are interesting to say the least. I'd also like to think I've built up a good relationship with the majority of people I work with (I'm going on the Thailand trip with 2 of them)

The positive things I can take away from school is the people I met there and I'm still really close to a lot of them now including Lesley MacCallum, Careers who supported me no end when I needed help with my lack of confidence and motivation. The school supported me throughout my time there with help and guidance when I needed it. 


Lorna Brennan

At GCSE I studied:

Maths - C  English - C  Health and Social Care - A  RE - D  Science - C  Spanish - D  ICT - C

At Sixth Form I studied:

Health & Social Care  BTEC Level 3 Diploma - Merit

I am currently now in Edge Hill University in my second year studying Child and Youth Studies and Criminology.  I work as a support worker supporting young children and adults with learning difficulties whilst studying in university. 

I really enjoyed some parts of school and was able to develop skills I could use in College, University and my working life, I had help and support of a lot of teachers and support staff which helped me no end.


 Kara Lundy

At GCSE’s I studied:

English Language and Literature  French  IT  RE  Dual Science  PE  Food Technology  Maths  Geography   

I only studied one A Level – English Language

Liverpool Hope University – BA Honours Degree in Business and Information Technology.

This is when I knew I wanted to become a HR Professional. I then secured a full time job in the HR Department for a local council and began my studies to become a chartered member of the CIPD. I achieved my level 3 certificate in HR then I studied at St Helens College for three years and achieved a Master’s degree. I graduated twice J. I am now a qualified HR Professional. As well as this qualification I have also achieved a NVQ Level 3 in advice and guidance as I believed this would help my job prospects in the future. Studying was in evenings as well as working full time. It was hard at times but the outcome is worth it and I couldn’t be in my position today if I did not have the qualifications. My current job is HR Manager for as leading PI Solicitors based on the Albert Dock.

At School I have acquired lifelong friendships. Subjects I enjoyed were PE as I was part of the school netball team as well food technology as nan always baked so I had an interest in cooking/baking, School gave me the support I needed for me to succeed and I was able to develop skills I could transfer into my working life.


Rachel Howey

GCSE’S:  History- A*  Additional Science-B  Core Science-B   Maths-B  Religious Studies- A*  French-B  Art Textiles- A*           I.C.T-B  English Language- B  English Literature- B

I studied A-Levels:  History- B  English Language- B  Psychology- C

 Liverpool John Moores University- BA Hons History: Grade First Class

 I currently work at Wirral Council as a Policy Officer on the Policy and Strategy Team. In this role I conduct research and horizon scanning into developments from Government to provide Council Officers, Members and Partners with an overview of key political events, ongoing and recent national legislation, and emerging policies. I also assist in the Council’s strategy development process, which has involved working with Officers, Elected Members and Partners to develop ambitious strategies that will deliver outcomes for residents in Wirral.

I really enjoyed School and worked hard to achieve the things I have done so far and I was helped along the way by my teachers in Halewood.


Tia Maguire

I studied Gcses –  Maths  English  Science  ICT  Health & Social Care  RE 

I studied A levels / equivalent - Health & Social care level 3 

I went into childcare and now work in a local nursery full time, I love being part of the Nursery and helping the little ones develop their own little personalities. Its very important to get them to integrate and socialise with other children making sure that they know whats right and wrong so I it makes me feel very special that I can help them progress.

At school I enjoyed being with the girls and having an easy life,!! Life changes when you leave school as you have to mature quite quickly and learn to take responsibility for everything you do. I really miss school I used to enjoy seeing my tutors and the support that you had on a day to day basis with school work as well as your personal life.


Ellie Wall

I studied Gcses –English Language  English Literature  Maths  Science  History  RE  Statistics

Initially after school I went to College but decided after a few months that it wasn’t for me so I came back to see Lesley MacCallum, Careers Coordinator at school who referred me to Jarvis Training Management. They in turn helped me get a Business Administration Apprenticeship with a Law Firm, I started on a Level 2 qualification but have since progressed to a Level 4 Higher Legal Apprenticeship. I did not think I would be able to do all this but with the support from School after I left I have been able to move on and achieve things that I did not think I would be able to.


Spencer Kelly

After leaving shool I started my Architectural studies at the age of 17 as a Trainee Technician in Liverpool City Architects.

I studied Architecture at John Moores University then later at Leeds Met.

I am now a Senior Lecturer at John Moores within the school of the Built Environment with approximately 25 years of experience within the Field of Architecture and Construction. Prior to the University I was fully involved with the management of running my own consultancy business.


Tom Williams

I studied GCSEs:  Business  English Language  Maths  Geography  Resistant Materials  Science

I struggled in school sometimes but had some great support from Miss Catterall helping me achieve my C in English which was a major requirement for what I am doing now. Lesley helped me apply to Jarvis Training to eventually getting a Business Administration a apprenticeship with a local firm. I started in Jarvis on a work experience placement and I think that I showed potential and really tried my best there when they asked me to do anything I did it and I showed them I was keen and was happy to use my initiative and build up my skills which showed that I could be recommended by Jarvis for a position with one of their employers.


Amy Manning

I studied GCSEs & started studying A Levels at Halewood but left to start an apprenticeship in a local Nursery where I still am today nearly four years later.

I always wanted to work in childcare as I enjoyed the interaction with the children whilst on my work experience placement during year 10 and I also felt that I would be ideally suited to help in the progression of babies and children teaching them right and wrong making sure they would be able to integrate well as they grew and developed. I also enjoy seeing how children progress into different stages of their lives and feel proud that I may have had a little part in their lives.

I feel that at school I was always encouraged to follow my goals and aspirations by my tutors and support staff, making sure that I did the best I could in all my subjects to help me on my way to achieve my full potential.


Chloe Wynne

I studied the following subjects at GCSE, Maths, English, Geography, Spanish, Science, ICT & PE

I am currently working a Passenger Service Agent at Liverpool Airport. I always wanted to work at the Airport since I did work experience in year 10 but I always thought that I wouldn’t get there. With the support from the staff at school, they told me that I could go for anything if I put my mind to it so I did and I eventually got a place here I appreciate everything that school did to help me develop as a person.


Gary Bloxam

I studied my GCSEs and A Levels at Halewood Academy

After a while I decided to start looking for an apprenticeship through the Knowsley Apprenticeship Scheme. I had to go through a series of processes including an application form, an online test, I managed to pass these to progress onto the interview with Hartley Precision, all the time I carried on attending school as I still wanted to progress in school with my A Levels to make sure I had a back-up plan. I started an apprenticeship with Hartleys and have recently finished my apprenticeship during the last few years I have been able to pop into school and chat with the school staff about the challenges I have had with the apprenticeship but with their support I have managed to overcome all my challenges and am now a fully qualified engineer with a bright future ahead of me.


Josh Bolt

I studied the following subjects at GCSE & A Levels at Halewood but left to become an actor when a part came up that took me away from my studies.

I have always wanted to be an actor since an early age and school encouraged me through my studies and my dream to become an actor. I went on work experience with a local casting agent which helped me no end, I had already started getting small parts and now as an established actor with major parts in “ Last Tango in Halifax”, “ Benidorm”, “ The Accused” and  “Nowhere Boy”,  I feel I had a lot of help and support from the staff and my peers in school and would recommend any student to Halewood as they will help you follow your aspirations.

Kloe Lever

I studied the following subjects at GCSE, Maths, English, Geography, Spanish & Science

I have had a few different types of jobs since I left school but my main ambition was to always work on the Airlines as Cabin Crew and this year I have finally fulfilled my dream and start training with a well known airline this year which I am delighted about. I always felt that at school I was listened too and helped along the way to achieve the best I could!! The pastoral care we had from the support staff and teachers was second to none, there was always someone I could turn to if I was feeling down or things got too much. I feel that I can still approach the staff at school if I needed help now even though I have been left for quite a while!!!



I studied GCSEs English Language, Maths, Science, Music, IT & Drama

I also studied A Levels, Drama & Theatre, English Language, Business Studies & ICT

I remember having to sit and narrow down my choices and make a final decision which was hard as it felt like my group of friends were all going in different directions, but I managed to survive with the help of Dena, one of the Learning Mentors at school, she was particularly helpful when I was sitting my GCSEs and I spent a lot of time in her office stressing!  


Shannon Hawksford

I studied GCSEs, Maths, English, Science, Geography, PE, Woodwork & Health & Social Care

I was supported so much in school by my tutors and the pastoral staff. I feel that they help develop me as a student and into the person I am today. I did a 2 week work experience placement with LLS which is a sports and coaching training provider and this 2 weeks gave me the motivation to progress onto what I am doing today. I have just completed my Level 1,2 & 3 in Fitness Instruction and am looking at getting some more voluntary work to help achieve my goal. I always wanted to follow sports and felt that the PE department and my work placement were a massive influence into me fulfilling my dream.